Beame Tracking Units


Beame is super quick to install because it’s a wireless vehicle tracking device. This makes it exceptionally easy to hide.

There is no need to connect it to your vehicle’s power supply, which means a fast, hassle free, non-intrusive installation into your vehicle without compromising electronics or warranties.

In the unfortunate event of your asset being stolen or hi-jacked, report it via the Beame Smartphone App or our dedicated 24/7 recovery team is just a phone call away or.



  • More cost effective than most vehicle recovery units

  • Will not affect your vehicle’s electronic warranty

  • Enables Stolen Vehicle Recovery of your vehicle throughout South Africa

  • 24 hour 365 days a year access to Recovery Services

  • No additional costs when a real recovery is made for stolen and/or hi-jacked vehicles

  • When your unit battery runs low, you will be notified

  • Most jammers/scramblers cannot block its signal as it’s a radio frequency unit


Fast, hassle free tracking for


R99.87 p/m